Roni Lynn Photographic Art

Roni Lynn, a New Jersey resident since the age of 3, has been photographing her environment for over 20 years.  Her attention to the details of the physical world captures the beauty present in our common surroundings… a turtle on a log, a banana on a street in Manhattan, a seashell at the seashore, an old Jersey barn, Yukon mountains, sunrise and sunset ….

She learned the art of photography through workshops, experimentation and many hours taking and printing her roni lynn showphotographs.  The workshop venues include Rockport, Maine, Northern New Jersey and New York City.

Each print 11x14 & smaller is individually created using silver gelatin archival processing techniques on fiber photographic papers.  Only 5 prints are made of each image at one time to a total of 25 from each negative.  Since each photograph is created by hand, every print is unique.   Toning, hand coloring and other image enhancing techniques are used when appropriate to the image.

16 x 20 and larger prints are produced under her supervision using digital imaging techniques.  The original negative is scanned and the image is printed using archival inks on watercolor paper.

© 2006 Roni LaVine ~ Roni Lynn Photographic Art